How to become Comfortable with IM Communication

Are you uncomfortable with the thought of using instant messaging as a primary mode of communication? If so, you need to learn how to become comfortable before you do anything else. IM communication is more popular than ever, and you do not want to get left behind by others in your industry.

Here are three ways to become comfortable with IM communication:

1. Use it a little bit at a time. Soon enough you will begin to realize how much it can help, and from there you can increase your frequency. You do not have to jump in and use instant messaging for all communication. Instead, take your time getting used to it.

2. Learn the benefits. Many people never try to get used to IM because they are unaware of what it can really do for them. Make sure you know the advantages of using instant messaging to communicate. This should get you excited about using it.

3. Don’t give yourself a choice. If you are truly interested in using IM to communicate with co-workers and clients you should get started right away. When you give yourself a way out you will take it every time. Force your into using IM from time to time, and you will eventually settle into a comfort zone.


How to Pinpoint Problems with your Instant Messenger

Let’s be honest. Not every company is using the right instant messenger at this time. Some companies have done their research, and are sure of what they are using. Others simply allow their employees to use whatever instant messenger they see fit. There is a good chance that there are some problems with your instant messenger of choice. This is particularly true if you did not put anytime into finding the right option the first time around.

The best way to pinpoint problems with your instant messenger is to form a committee full of people who are currently using the application. Even though you may want to do most of the reviewing on your own, it is important to get input from others in your company. They can tell you what they like about the current instant messenger, and what they would like to see changed. Soon enough you will know if making a change is the right thing to do.

Another way to pinpoint issues is to compare your current application to other options. For instance, if you are currently using Windows Live Messenger you may want to compare its features to Brosix and AIM. Soon enough you will see the pros and cons of both, and be able to make a better decision on how to move forward.

There are sure to be things that you do and do not like about your instant messenger. When you know the good and bad you can decide in the end what is best for your company.


If your Instant Messenger is letting you down…

Is there something wrong with the instant messenger you are currently using? Are you and other people in your office having a difficult time? If your instant messenger is letting you down, here are three things you can do to get back on track:

1. Find a new provider. This is often times the easiest solution because you don’t have to waste anytime searching for another answer. With so many instant messengers available you can find another tool that offers what your current application is lacking. The longer you wait to make a change the more time you are wasting.

2. Try to find an answer. Changing is not always the best idea because you may be able to find an answer to any problem you are having. Remember, no instant messenger is going to be exactly what you want. You should attempt to deal with any downfalls that you come across before you make a change.

3. Ask others for help. Is there a chance that you are the only one who is experiencing a problem? You may be able to ask somebody in your IT department to explain what is going on. There is a chance that you may be up against a slight learning curve. As soon as you settle in and become comfortable you may not run into any additional problems.

If your instant messenger is letting you down, for whatever reason, try out the three tips listed above.


Super Simple ways to use Instant Messaging

There are many ways to use instant messaging to your advantage, and you should be well aware of each and every one. It is your job to use this communication tool however you see fit. If you are unsure of the super simple ways to use instant messaging, continue reading:

1. For basic communication. Do you need to ask your boss a question? Do you need to setup a lunch date with a coworker to discuss a project? If so, you can do so quickly and easily with a brief instant message.

2. To speak with more than one coworker at the same time. Why mess with conference calls and in person meetings when your instant messaging program can help you setup a chat room? It is easy for everybody to get on the same page through the use of a chat room.

3. For client communication. Believe it or not, some of your clients may also be interested in instant messaging. Why not ask around, with permission of your company, to find out which clients are willing to communicate this way? It can go a long way in making client communication more efficient.

If you want to benefit from instant messaging you can do so through the super simple ways detailed above.