How to become Comfortable with IM Communication

Are you uncomfortable with the thought of using instant messaging as a primary mode of communication? If so, you need to learn how to become comfortable before you do anything else. IM communication is more popular than ever, and you do not want to get left behind by others in your industry.

Here are three ways to become comfortable with IM communication:

1. Use it a little bit at a time. Soon enough you will begin to realize how much it can help, and from there you can increase your frequency. You do not have to jump in and use instant messaging for all communication. Instead, take your time getting used to it.

2. Learn the benefits. Many people never try to get used to IM because they are unaware of what it can really do for them. Make sure you know the advantages of using instant messaging to communicate. This should get you excited about using it.

3. Don’t give yourself a choice. If you are truly interested in using IM to communicate with co-workers and clients you should get started right away. When you give yourself a way out you will take it every time. Force your into using IM from time to time, and you will eventually settle into a comfort zone.