Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging Features: What you really need

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using an instant messaging tool within your company. In fact, this mode of communication is growing in popularity. With that in mind, you have to remember that there are some features you need and others that are just going to cloud your vision. You have to deal with the necessities, while keeping away from the details that are just going to slow you down.

If you choose an instant messenger with too many features that do nothing, you will end up wasting a lot of time. Choose one that doesn’t have enough features, and you will be searching for a replacement in the near future. As you can see, you have to walk a very fine line to ensure that you get started with the right program.

By addressing these questions, with the help of your coworkers, you can decide which instant messaging features are most important:

1. How are we going to use instant messaging? It may be only for interoffice communication. Or maybe you want to use IM to talk with clients as well. You have to answer this question based on your vision for the future.

2. What features will we definitely need? This may be the most important question. When you choose an instant messenger that offers all the right features you don’t have to worry about missing out on something. Make a list of what you need, and don’t stop until you find a program that offers them.

3. Don’t get caught up with all the bells and whistles. Yes, you want a lot of features. But not those that are going to take up space without offering any real value.

Now that you have answered these questions you should find it easier to choose the right instant messenger.