Instant Messaging

Is your IM Client Failing you?

There is only one thing worse than your IM client failing you. Do you know what it is? The answer: letting it fail you and doing nothing about it. It is amazing that so many companies continue to use the wrong IM client day after day. With so many other options, there is no good reason for doing this.

There are many ways that your IM client may fail you. This is not something you should be looking for, but definitely something you should be aware of. Take for instance an instant messenger that just doesn’t have enough features. You may have chosen a particular IM client early in your company’s life because it was right for you at the time. But as you began to grow it became obvious that more features were necessary. There is nothing wrong with moving on and finding a tool that offers more bang for your buck. In fact, this is essential if you plan on using instant messaging as you continue to grow.

But it takes too much time to find a new IM client. This is a common complaint among many people who are dealing with a failed application. But remember, it is better to take the time to find a new IM client than to continue wasting away the days relying on something that has no chance of working to your advantage.

If your IM client is failing you, now is the time to suck it up and find a better tool. With many options, something that is perfect for you and your company is waiting around the bend.