Instant Messaging

What are you discussing on IM?

What are you talking about on IM while at work? Before you go any further, one thing to remember is that you should only be having conversations related to work. Anything else should be kept for private and during non-working hours. Now onto the good stuff!

Here are three things you can discuss on IM that you may have never thought about:

1. Set up a meeting by sending a quick IM as opposed to a long email or several phone calls. Using IM allows you to send mass messages in a quick manner. Sure, email is almost the same but not as quick in many cases.

2. Send files then talk about them. If you want to send a file and then talk about it in real time, it doesn’t get much better than using an IM application.

3. You can speak to clients as well. Why hold yourself back by only talking to coworkers? If your clients also want to use IM you should bring them into your network. This is a good way to save time for both parties.

So what have you been talking about on IM? The above three conversations are ones that you may be having on a regular basis. And of course, there are many other topics to discuss on IM. As long as you keep on track and talk about business, there are not too many topics that are off limits.