Instant Messaging

Why many Companies Ignore the Benefits of Instant Messaging

What is the reason that so many companies are still not using instant messaging as a communication tool? It is 2009, yet some organizations are stuck in the past. Most people find that an instant messaging tool can be effective in many ways. Of course, this is never seen until a system is implemented.

Here are a couple reasons why some companies are still ignoring the benefits of instant messaging:

1. They don’t know about them. This is actually quite some. If your company is unaware of what instant messaging offers you should show them. Not only will this do wonders for you as an employee, but it will show that you are interested in the development of the company as a whole.

2. They are afraid of what it may bring. Many are aware of the benefits of instant messaging, but are scared of the drawbacks at the same time. In other words, they don’t want employees abusing this tool. If you are worried about this you can setup networks that block outside communication, while also implementing a set of rules that should be followed.

It is hard to believe that some companies just won’t give instant messaging a try. As you can see, there are reasons for keeping this out of an organization. But are they good reasons? Those who use instant messaging on a daily basis will answer with an emphatic NO.

At the very least, any company that can benefit from instant messaging should look into using this form of communication. It may not work out, but remember the old saying: you will never know until you try.