Instant Messaging

Will your Clients Communicate via Instant Messenger?

Would you be able to please your clients by offering an additional mode of communication? If you think that this is a possibility, you should consider communicating with clients via instant messenger. This is something that may sound far fetched, but many companies are already moving in this direction. You don’t want to get passed by!

At the very least you should ask all your clients what they think of this. Soon enough you will have an idea of which ones are willing to communicate via instant messenger, and which ones would rather stay away from this for the time being. Even if only a handful of clients will communicate via IM you are doing something to bring benefits to both parties.

Which instant messenger should I use to communicate with my client? Obviously, this is based largely on how your client is setup. Do they currently use an instant messenger? If not, you should offer them help in getting started. For instance, Brosix makes it easy for anybody to install their instant messenger program and then invite others into a private network. Not only is this simple to do, but the secure environment is sure to impress.

Not every company can benefit from communicating with clients via instant messenger. Can yours? If so, you should ask all your clients to join you. This is just one more way that you can serve your clients and improve your overall relationship.