Instant Messaging

Employee’s thoughts on their IM Client

What do your employees think about the IM client that they are allowed to use to communicate with each other, clients, etc? If you know the answer to this question you are well aware of where you stand. If you don’t, you need to move forward in finding some answers right away. Remember, it is important to keep your employees happy. Those who enjoy and benefit from their IM client will continue to use it. Those who don’t will probably shy away from it and complain that they want something better.

This is why you need to be very careful when choosing an IM client. If you have the time to get employees involved in the selection process you should definitely do so. This will help to bring your team closer together, while also allowing you to avoid mistakes in the future.

What can I do if employees don’t like the IM client? This is when you need to make a decision that could mean big changes. First things first, find out if the majority of employees are for or against the current instant messenger. You may learn that the majority of employees find it to be more than acceptable. In this case, all you have to do is worry about helping those who are disgruntled. On the other hand, if almost everybody dislikes the IM client you have to make a change to something better.

Don’t forget about what your employees think about the IM client that is in place. It is important that they are happy with the setup to ensure that all benefits are being taken advantage of.