How to Pinpoint Problems with your Instant Messenger

Let’s be honest. Not every company is using the right instant messenger at this time. Some companies have done their research, and are sure of what they are using. Others simply allow their employees to use whatever instant messenger they see fit. There is a good chance that there are some problems with your instant messenger of choice. This is particularly true if you did not put anytime into finding the right option the first time around.

The best way to pinpoint problems with your instant messenger is to form a committee full of people who are currently using the application. Even though you may want to do most of the reviewing on your own, it is important to get input from others in your company. They can tell you what they like about the current instant messenger, and what they would like to see changed. Soon enough you will know if making a change is the right thing to do.

Another way to pinpoint issues is to compare your current application to other options. For instance, if you are currently using Windows Live Messenger you may want to compare its features to Brosix and AIM. Soon enough you will see the pros and cons of both, and be able to make a better decision on how to move forward.

There are sure to be things that you do and do not like about your instant messenger. When you know the good and bad you can decide in the end what is best for your company.